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Production History


Title Year Month Location Director
Light Up the Sky 1964 May Eisenhower H.S. Jean Waldera
The Man Who Came
to Dinner
1964 December Eisenhower H.S. Jean Waldera
The Spiral Staircase 1965 February Eisenhower H.S. Marjorie Sangster
Guys and Dolls 1965 May John McDonald
Born Yesterday 1965 November Eisenhower H.S. Orv Graham
The Time of Your Life 1966 February Jean Waldera
Kiss Me Kate 1966 May Jack Eddleman
Come Blow Your Horn 1966 December Coleen Harman
Visit to a Small Planet 1967 February Orv Graham
South Pacific 1967 April Bill Bradley
Generation 1967 November Paul Swearingen
A Streetcar Named Desire 1968 January Eisenhower H.S. Coleen Harman
Gypsy 1968 April Eisenhower H.S. Bill Bradley
Absence of a Cello 1968 November Eisenhower H.S. Orv Graham
Catch Me if You Can 1969 February Marjorie Sangster
The King and I 1969 May Eisenhower H.S. Jack Eddleman
The Fantasticks 1969 November Jack Eddleman
The Crucible 1969 December Eisenhower H.S. Jack Eddleman


Mikado, The 1970 March Johns Hill Jr. H.S. Jack Eddleman
The Odd Couple 1970 May MacArthur H.S. Jack Eddleman
Arsenic and Old Lace 1970 November Eisenhower H.S. Jack Eddleman
My Fair Lady 1971 January Kirkland Jack Eddleman
Who’s Afraid of
Virginia Wolf?
1971 March Elks Club Jack Eddleman
Stop the World I Want
to Get Off
1971 June Elks Club Jack Eddleman
Plaza Suite 1971 October Eisenhower H.S. Jack Eddleman
A Midsummer
Night’s Dream
1972 January Eisenhower H.S. Jack Eddleman
Night Must Fall 1972 March MacArthur H.S. Jack Eddleman
Camelot 1972 May Kirkland Jack Eddleman
Barefoot in the Park 1972 Eisenhower H.S. Bob Thompson
Sound of Music 1973 January Kirkland Bob Thompson
Diary of Anne Frank 1973 March Holiday Inn -
Dinner Theatre
Bob Thompson
Dark of the Moon 1973 May Masonic Temple Bob Thompson
Don’t Drink the Water 1973 October Masonic Temple Bob Thompson
Fiddler on the Roof 1974 February Kirkland Bob Thompson
Butterflies Are Free 1974 March Masonic Temple Bob Thompson
A Man for All Seasons 1974 May Masonic Temple Bob Thompson
Of Mice and Men 1974 November MacArthur H.S. Bob Rueter
How to Succeed in Business
Without Really Trying
1975 January Kirkland Dick Hossalla
Never Too Late 1975 May MacArthur H.S. Paul Swearingen
Two for the Seesaw 1975 November Holiday Inn -
Dinner Theatre
Funny Girl 1976 January Kirkland Stuart McDaniel
George Washington
Slept Here
1976 April Fehrenbach
Paul Swearingen
The Gazebo 1976 Albert Taylor Hall Anne Thompson
You Know I Can’t Hear You
When the Water’s Running
1976 December Stephen Decatur
Kevin McMurdo
Kismet 1977 February Stephen Decatur
Richard Marriott
The Death and Life of
Sneaky Fitch
1977 March MacArthur H.S. Le Hook
Finishing Touches 1977 May MacArthur H.S. Anne Thompson
Born Yesterday 1977 October Eisenhower H.S. Jack Gogek and
Bev Klaven
Story Theatre 1977 December Albert Taylor Hall Rick Orr
Subject to Change 1978 March Albert Taylor Hall Paul Swearingen
Rashomon 1978 May MacArthur H.S. Joe Straka
The Family Man 1978 November Eisenhower H.S. Ray Schooley
Under Milkwood 1979 January Albert Taylor Hall Joe Straka
Jubilation 1979 March Albert Taylor Hall Paul Swearingen
No Sooner Won Than Wed 1979 August Albert Taylor Hall Mark Neville
The Knack 1979 August Albert Taylor Hall Ray Schooley
Canterbury Tales 1979 November MacArthur H.S. Paul Swearingen


My Three Angels 1980 January Albert Taylor Hall Ray Schooley
Ten Little Indians 1980 April Eisenhower H.S. Joe Straka
Plaza Suite 1980 August Albert Taylor Hall Marcia Naber,
George Osborn,
Jackie Neville
Winnie the Pooh 1980 August Albert Taylor Hall Marjorie Sangster
Hello, Dolly! 1980 November Civic Center Bob Thompson
Forty Carats 1981 January Civic Center Joe Straka
Photo Finish 1981 April Civic Center Ray Schooley
Luv 1981 June Civic Center Nancy Wolter
The Point 1981 August Civic Center Bob Olson
Finian’s Rainbow 1981 November Civic Center Mark Britton
Play It Again, Sam 1982 January Civic Center Sam Straka
The Lion in Winter 1982 April Civic Center Anne Thompson
Two by Two 1982 June Civic Center Mark Britton
Gyrant, The Terrible Tyrant 1982 August Civic Center Bill and Barbara
Oklahoma! 1982 November Civic Center Mark Britton
Chapter Two 1983 January Civic Center Jody Byers and
Paul Swearingen
The Rainmaker 1983 April Civic Center Bob Olson
She Was Only
a Farmer’s Daughter
1983 July Albert Taylor Hall Jody Byers and
Bil Larrick
The Great Western
1983 July Albert Taylor Hall Jody Byers and
Bil Larrick
Darby Daniels’ Doughnuts 1983 July Albert Taylor Hall Lee Watson
South Pacific 1983 November Civic Center Joe Straka
See How They Run 1984 January Civic Center Sam Straka
A Thurber Carnival 1984 April Civic Center Kevin Gresham
The Emperor’s New Clothes 1984 July Civic Center John Young
Music Man, The 1984 September Civic Center Mark Britton
Here Lies Jeremy Troy 1984 November Civic Center Anne Thompson
I Do! I Do! 1985 February Civic Center Bill and Barbara Keagle
Witness for the Prosecution 1985 April Civic Center Peter Churukian
Bloomer Girl 1985 September Civic Center Paul Swearingen
I Never Sang for My Father 1985 November Civic Center Bill Keagle
Comedy of Errors 1986 February Civic Center Joe Straka
Peter Pan 1986 April Civic Center Marjorie Sangster
Quilters 1986 July Civic Center Barb Keagle
You Can’t Take It with You 1986 September Civic Center Sam Straka
Bye Bye Birdie 1986 November Civic Center Joe Straka
Angel Street 1987 February Civic Center Peter Churukian
The Murder Room 1987 May Civic Center Carl Sebens
Mame 1987 November Civic Center Bob Olson
The Foreigner 1988 March Civic Center Paul Swearingen
Our Town 1988 May Civic Center Bill Keagle
Light Up the Sky 1988 July Civic Center Anne Thompson
Ten Little Indians 1988 October Civic Center Lonn Pressnall
The King and I 1989 January Civic Center George Pinney
Arsenic and Old Lace 1989 April Civic Center Sam Straka
1776 1989 November Civic Center Bill Keagle


Alone Together 1990 February Civic Center Peter Churukian
Nightwatch 1990 April Civic Center Scott Rueter
Cotton Patch Gospel 1990 July Civic Center Paul Swearingen
Inherit the Wind 1990 November Civic Center Carolyn MacDonna
Oliver! 1991 February Civic Center Bill Kincaid
Harvey 1991 April Civic Center Anne Thompson
Dracula 1991 October Civic Center Joe Straka
Brigadoon 1992 February Civic Center Bob Olson
The Nerd 1992 March Civic Center Carl Sebens
Bleacher Bums 1992 June Civic Center Sam Straka
Nunsense 1992 November Civic Center Paul Whobrey
Rumors 1993 February Civic Center Scott Rueter
My Fair Lady 1993 April Civic Center Anne Thompson
The Glass Menagerie 1993 October Civic Center Carl Sebens
School for Scandal 1993 December Civic Center Joe Straka
Social Security 1994 February Civic Center Bob Olson
Cabaret 1994 April Civic Center Peter Churukian
Annie 1994 October Civic Center Bob Olson
One Flew Over
the Cuckoo’s Nest
1995 February Civic Center Bill Keagle
Steel Magnolias 1995 May Civic Center Jim Kleckner
Leader of the Pack 1995 October Civic Center Carl Sebens
Bathroom Humor 1996 February Civic Center Scott Rueter
Into the Woods 1996 April Civic Center Bob Olson
Odd Couple
(Female Version)
1996 November Civic Center Anne Thompson
Seven Year Itch, The 1997 February Civic Center Sam Straka
Joseph and the Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat
1997 April Civic Center Mike Redlinger
On Golden Pond 1997 November Civic Center Scott Rueter
Lend Me a Tenor 1998 February Civic Center Jerry Johnson
Camelot 1998 April Civic Center Bill Keagle
Nunsense II: The Second Coming 1998 November Civic Center Dick Borders
Noises Off 1999 February Civic Center Peter Churukian
Fiddler on the Roof 1999 April Civic Center Robert C. Olson
Musical Comedy
Murders of 1940
1999 November Civic Center Angela Bayler


Big River 2000 February Civic Center Mike Redlinger
Once Upon a Mattress 2000 April Civic Center Jerry Johnson
She Loves Me 2000 November Civic Center Robert C. Olson
Bus Stop 2001 February Civic Center Bill Keagle
Dearly Departed 2001 April Civic Center Joe Straka
Moon Over Buffalo 2001 November Civic Center Jayson Albright
Deathtrap 2002 February Civic Center Anne Thompson
Anything Goes 2002 April Civic Center Mike Redlinger
Pump Boys and Dinettes 2002 November Civic Center Dick Borders
Epic Proportions 2003 February Civic Center Jayson Albright
Ragtime 2003 April Civic Center Mike Redlinger
Guys & Dolls 2003 November Civic Center Jerry Johnson
Barefoot in the Park 2004 February Civic Center Anne Thompson
Arsenic and Old Lace 2004 April Civic Center Tim Haworth
Annie Get Your Gun 2004 November Civic Center Mike Redlinger
How the Other Half Loves 2005 February Civic Center Jayson Albright
Everybody Loves Opal 2005 April Civic Center Jo Ellen Tamen
Sylvia 2005 August Civic Center Rick Smith
AIDA 2005 November Civic Center Mike Redlinger
The Man Who
Came to Dinner
2006 February Civic Center Nancy Sullivan
Man of La Mancha 2006 April Civic Center Bill Keagle
God’s Favorite 2006 November Civic Center Doug Bishop
Wait Until Dark 2007 February Civic Center Anne Thompson
Nunsensations 2007 April Civic Center Nancy Sullivan
A Funny Thing Happened
On The Way To The Forum
2007 November Civic Center Anne Thompson
The Cemetery Club 2008 February Civic Center Carl Sebens
Death By Chocolate 2008 April Civic Center Tim Haworth
Music Man 2008 November Civic Center Anne Thompson
You Can’t Take It with You 2009 February Civic Center Andrew Curry
Steel Magnolias 2009 April Civic Center Carl Sebens
Pajama Game 2009 November Civic Center Nancy Sullivan


Leading Ladies 2010 February Civic Center John Poling
The Baseball Show 2010 April Civic Center Dan Cox
Suds 2010 November Civic Center Nancy Sullivan
Blithe Spirit 2011 February Civic Center
Play On 2011 April Civic Center Andrew Curry
Rumors 2011 October Shilling
Scott Rueter
Bathroom Humor 2012 January Shilling
Carl Sebens
The 39 Steps 2012 March Shilling
Jerry Johnson
Moonlight & Magnolias 2012 October Shilling
Penny Williams
Leaving Iowa 2013 January Shilling
Doug Bishop
Marrying Terry 2013 March Shilling
John Poling
Bleacher Bums 2013 October Shilling
Janet Patterson
Desperate Affection 2014 January Shilling
Michelle Stephens
Cotton Patch Gospel 2014 March Shilling
Jerry Johnson