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Show Proposals for 2014-15 Season Being Accepted

Theatre 7, Decatur’s Community Theatre, is accepting show proposals from qualified directors for consideration for its 2014-15 season.  Submissions are due by Feb 15, 2014. 


Individuals who are interested in directing a show are encouraged to submit 2-3 proposed shows for consideration by the T7 Board and Members.  Theatre 7 produces three main stage shows per season, typically in October, January, and March.


Once the proposed shows have been short-listed, directors will be asked to  present to the T7 Board.  Board recommendations will then be presented to the Membership for approval.


Download the T7 Directing Proposal Form here for guidelines and submission form.

2 Responses so far.

  1. katherine rohrscheib says:

    I probably won’t be in town to audition but I would love to see a production of Keely & Du by Jane Martin. It is a pretty controversial show, however. Beautifully written, it explores the conflict of abortion and religion(or rather, RADICAL religion) and the last line of the play leaves audiences with a lot of food for thought to chew on.

    Radium Girls would be a fantastic production with a lot of opportunity for diverse roles. It is about women who used to work painting the glowing faces on watches and how they ended up getting radium poisoning. Grace, the lead female, breaks the silence by refusing to be bribed and trying to stand up against the company she worked for, which knew all along the radium would kill her and her friends. A fascinating look at history that is still very relevant due to the themes of standing up against a bigger power against all odds. It also has a lot of moments for heartbreaking drama.

    I would suggest against Spam-A-Lot and The Vagina Monologues because those have been popping up at campus and community theatres all over the place, so interest in those shows is pretty low.

  2. Shawn Becker says:

    Yes, do away with any show that could bring in sold out audiences – I’m quite sure that abortion and radium poisoning would pack ‘em in. I’m all for “art for art’s sake”, but you still have to give the audience something they WANT to pay $15 to see.

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